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MPI TS150 Analytical Probe System

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MPI TS150 engineering probe system is a cost effective yet highly accurate manual probe system designed for precision analysis of substrates and 150mm wafers. The TS150 may be configured to support a wide variety of applications such as Device Characterization and Modeling, Wafer Level Reliability, Failure Analysis, IC Engineering, MEMS and High Power.

The compact and rigid platen design accommodates up to eight DC or four RF MicroPositioners for various application requirements. The highly repeatable platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation, and loading with a safety lock utility allows for easy step and repeat functionality. In addition, rectangular adjustment of the four port RF MicroPositioners is a standard feature to guarantee the alignment between the RF probes.

The TS150 is available with various chuck options to meet different budgets and application requirements. Chuck options include MPI's coaxial or triaxial Chucks or an ERS thermal chuck to support temperature measurement up to 300 °C. The RF chucks include two auxiliary chucks built in ceramic material for accurate RF calibration.

A wide range of Optics are available with a choice between stereo for common DC/CV applications or a single tube MPI SZ10 or MZ12 for RF configurations. These optics were carefully selected to meet the customer's requirements for convenient probe to pad placement.

The MPI TS150 system includes vibration absorbing base to achieve stable and reliable long-term probe to pad contact which ensures reliable measurement results. Vibration isolation platform or table are optional available where the laboratory environment requires extensive vibration protection.

The available Dark Box option provides an EMI-shielded and light-tight test environment for ultra low noise DC measurements.

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