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Motic PSM-1000
Mitutoyo FS70

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The collection of high quality optical solutions provides leading edge on wafer observation and navigation for semiconductor probing. The selected optics are a perfect fit to the specific requirements of accurate probe placement on DC/CV, RF and mmW pads.

The single tube solutions providing large working distance at high magnifications. Small form factors are ideal for RF, mmW and load-pull applications due to space restrictions inherent with the integration of test heads/tuners requiring shortest distance to DUT.

MPI is also offers state of the art high-power microscopes such as Motic PSM-1000 and Mitutoyo FS70 configured to address internal-node probing or Failure Analysis application requirements.

All optics including TV ports for use with number of 1080p HDMI cameras. The image is displayed on monitors without additional computer requirements:

  • Image can be captured directly onto build-in mini SD card on the 5.0MP camera
  • Remote control and/or direct camera buttons for various settings
  • All required cables are including

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