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RF Cables and Microwave Accessories

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For complete RF probe system integration, excellent selection of flexible cables and accessories are available for RF and mm-wave measurement applications.


The verified high quality cable assemblies with SMA and 3.5 mm connectors provide the best value and complete the entry level RF systems for measurement applications up to 26 GHz. The phase stable high end flexible cable assemblies with high precision 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm 1.85 mm and 1 mm connectors guarantee stability of calibration, high accuracy and repeatability of the measurement data for applications from DC and up to 110 GHz. The cables assemblies are offered in two standard lengths of 120 cm and 80 cm to match with the footprint of the probe system and the location of the VNA.


In addition, high-quality RF and high end mmW adapters are offered to address challenges of regular system reconfiguration and integration with different type of test instrumentation.

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